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Debirokratisasi dan Pentingnya “Good Governance” bagi Daerah



The  implementation  of  local  governance  involves  not  only  the  detachment from    the  shackles    of    central    hegemony,    the    implementation    of decentralization    and    regional    autonomy    policies,    and    the    level    of empowerment of civil society, but also attention to the ongoing conditions of the    transition     to    democracy    in    people's    lives    in    the    region. Debureaucratization policy is one of the prerequisites for the implementation of good governance. The application of this policy requires the existence of a regional  bureaucratic  structure  that  can  guarantee  that  there  will  be  no distortion  of  aspirations  coming  from  the  community  and  avoid  abuse  of power.  Debureaucratization  requires  that  local  governments  can  be  more adaptive to changes and dynamics of society. Thus the bureaucracy will be more just and in favor of the sovereignty of the people so as to prioritize the interests of the people in a professional, proportionate and efficient manner. Debureaucratization  practices  and  decentralization  policies  have  become the  main  determinants  that  influence  the  dynamics  of  change  for  the realization of regional governance.


Keywords: debureaucratization, good governance, decentralization, regional autonomy.


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